Paul Royall

“You have motivated an industry – and held it to account.”

Paul Royall, Editor, BBC News at Ten

Cait Fitzsimons

“It’s a brilliant achievement – I think Ben (de Pear, Editor of Channel 4 News) put it best when he said how ‘nervous’ newsrooms feel when (your) data is due to be released!”

Cait Fitzsimons Editor Channel 5 News

Ollie Stone Lee

“We definitely need to keep the impetus going and you have certainly helped with that and generated lots of focus on it…”

Ollie Stone Lee, Deputy Editor of the Today Programme BBC Radio 4

Ros Atkins

“Thanks Lis! As you know, you were and are a huge inspiration for what we do.”

Ros Atkins, Founder BBC 50/50 Project

Women's Enterprise Scotland Logo

“What a brilliant piece of research! I had no idea about the study and will now make it my mission to spread the word. Part of our work here at WES is to conduct research into key areas for women in business. Portrayal in the media is a critical issue so we can tie in to this research.”

Carolyn Currie, Chief Executive Women’s Enterprise Scotland

The Academy of Medical Sciences won a prestigious award for its efforts to get more female experts in the media after the organisation was inspired to act by City, University of London research. “City, University of London’s research on the ratio of women experts commenting in the news media provided a solid evidence base for us to develop our programme aimed at increasing the visibility of women scientists in the media.”

Nick Hillier, director of communications at the Academy of Medical Sciences,