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Harpreet works within a cultural and international development context to facilitate change, looking at the world through a socio-political eco-feminist lens. She has a portfolio career as a researcher, consultant, facilitator, evaluator and producer that focuses on embedding cultural practice into key areas including diversity, gender equality and climate change, locally and globally. Harpreet has worked with arts organizations, NGOs, charities, artists and policymakers from different cultures from all corners of the world. A cosmopolitan globe trotter, Harpreet has mastered remote working and adapting to different environments and contexts rapidly. In the last five years, her focus has been researching international artists exploring climate change within a diversity framework. Her work has taken her around the globe with funding from Arts Council England, British Council and Creative Europe. She is an experienced speaker on air and at international conferences about culture, security and politics in numerous cities including London, Paris, Kiev, Vienna, Bucharest, Berlin and Sydney.

Clinical Epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and part-time GP. I previously worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres in a number of countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Myanmar.

Kirsty is an independent business consultant with a focus on innovation culture and idea generation. She has an 'eclectic' business background from multiple sectors and is a champion of technology as a force for good. She's a Trustee of seescape, a Fife based charity that provides support for people experiencing sight loss.

Swiss and British, Joelle has 20 years of work experience on human rights and foreign policy—both in the public sector and non-governmental organisations. She is currently a researcher and analyst based in Geneva, Switzerland and over the years has collaborated with many international organisations. Joelle is also a liberal member of the Geneva Parliament.

Fran Acheson was events editor at the BBC Academy until March 2020